Bi-folding Timber Doors.


Folding sliding doors; often called bi-fold doors or bi folding doors, allows an entire  property wall to be fully opened. This door is essentially an innovative idea which helps to bring the outside light inside. Wood&Home brings rich materials and traditional furniture that can only add value and comfort to your home. We offer a wide range of configurations of folding – sliding doors; allowing the door-set to be designed to suit the size of the opening and the layout of the room.

Our bi-folding doors allow for high levels of accessibility through the single operating door. Also, while it is closed it can still offer maximum levels of natural light to come inside your home. When the door-set is open and folded away, the outside comes inside essentially, providing fresh air inside your home, and an unobstructed view into your garden. The bi-folding doors benefit from the low resistance sliders and multipoint locking with shoot bolts, this also provides enhanced levels of security and  performance, an aspect which is critical and suitable for both residential and commercial buildings.


Detailed drawing (PDF – Bi-FOLDING DOORS – OPEN OUT)

The wooden bi-fold doors can be configured and designed to suit a wide range of sizes, the property, and the room layout options.

timber hardwood

timber folding doors


Our joiners construct bi-folding doors from hardwood only:

MERANTI – This is the most popular hard wood that is shipped from Southeast-Asia which has a relatively good outdoor durability, this wood can be also found in the low-lying rain forests and in low mountainous regions. This wood is incredibly cost effective.

OAK –  This wood is a popular European hard wood that can be found in most countries.  Oak prefers dry, acidic soil, rather than damp. Because the wood has advanced characteristic as a result of it’s natural wood, it gives good durability






All our bi-folding timber doors are fitted with high performance double glazing units. We also offer a wide range of glass and spacer bars. All units are manufactured to the highest industry standards.


double glazed unit


Folding System

For bi-folding doors opening outword we use Brio ‘Weatherfold 4S’ Flush Bi-Folding door system with surface mounted folding hinges and recessed shoot bolts. For inword configurations we use system ROTO 6080.


To finish off folding doors we supply and fit a standard range of door furniture, which is specially selected for being high quality, have good levels of durability and elegancy. Our standard finishes include brass, polished chrome or satin finishes but we can also source different patterns and designed (to fulfil client requests).


We supply all kind of handles, including satin, chrome and brass. For more handles please click:

Multipoint locking system

Three point concealed locking system helps to give the best safety for your windows and uses the spagnolette locking system (with 4 mushrooms and lockable Brio recessed shoot bolts).

Trickle Vents can be fitted in the head of doors – If requested?


Glazing Beadings.

We design all our beading based on client specifications and requirements. Timber beadings can come as a standard (we also present the most popular shapes) but can also be manufactured according to client requests.

beadings for doors

bi-folding doors wooden


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