That is  why people still choose Timber over PVC for Windows & Doors in their loving homes !

Real timber simply look stunning.


Timber is a highly popular material and used extensively within the UK carpentry markets. Timber is commonly used within the double glazing industry and there are numerous advantages as to why timber windows and doors should be considered by you, the consumer.   

  • Design flexibility
  • High performance and durability
  • Security
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Eco–friendly

Timber is one of nature’s masterpieces essentially. Timber is strong, thermally efficient, renewable and a natural insulator. Timber is a material high in both performance and comfort, for you and your home. Secondly, the combined strength of the timber and the woodworking joints allows these timber products to have high levels of strength and a long-lasting durability.



The products at Wood And Home have been designed to meet the expectations of customers, in terms of both security and performance. It has been suggested that installing timber windows and doors will reduce energy bill prices and add value to your home. 


Comparing with PVC.

It has been suggested that timber can last up to 60 years, however studies have shown that with regards to PVC, the PVC’s lasting period is only that of around 35 years in comparison. There is an exhaustive amounts of flexibility within the product’s timber. Timber allows users to create unique details, create designs, and allow you to easily amend changes/modifications. Using timber also allows users to change the colour and appearances. It is often hard to change the colours of PVC for instance, because of the white properties, making it difficult to repaint; this is not the case with timber. 

With regards to the structure, timber is predominantly a performance based material which has good levels of strength, more so compared to PVC. The timber’s strength and screw retention therefore makes it ideal for doors and window frames alike.

Timber, as mentioned before, has natural properties and gives a natural effect, more so than plastic and the plastic PVC. As a result of being made from natural materials, the products have high durability and allows consumers to personally design the product and attune it to how they would like it. Lastly, timber is extremely stable, and the timber and varnish does not rot.    


Environmentally friendly.

As a result of choosing timber, you have already impacted your property due to its natural insulations and carbon storage capacity. As mentioned before, Timber is completely renewable, and can easily be re-used for the purpose of fuel or recycling. Timber is also, as mentioned before, biodegradable and allows consumers to play their part in reducing their carbon footprint. Using PVC or Aluminium to create window components creates large amounts of CO2, as a result of this and the renewability of timber, the use of timber within products is much more desired. Overall, we have high confidence in the timber products we produce.