Rebated stormproof casement windows


Our storm-proof casement windows feature rebated openers located on the front face of frame as a lip. Those casement windows have been designed for those harsher environments areas where an extra level of weather or sound protection is required. These styles include a wide range of design and layout options as well as our extensive glazing, timber and paint options. In addition to that, the storm-proof’s careful design pledges to keep your home wonderfully warm, quiet and more secure. Our windows will benefit you because of their high quality hardware, excellent thermal performance with triple glazed option and enhanced security features.


Detailed drawing (PDF – STORMPROOF CASEMENT)




Our storm-proof casement windows can be made from different timber:

PINE – This is a soft wood that can be coloured in white, yellow or pale . It is also light weight and natural. Pine is definitely a popular timber type and is a common timber that occurs in Europe. Pine, however, is not as dense as hardwood but is highly resistant to weathering and damage from the environment.

MERANTI – This timber type offers some of the best options for hardwood. Meranti is a hard wood from South-East Asia with a very good durability, thus can be found in low-lying rain forests and low mountainous regions,

OAK –  Is the most common hard wood, that can be found in most countries of Europe. Oak prefers dry, acidic soil rather than that of damp soil. Oak has significant  characteristic and offers a high durability.

Cill or cill extensions on our stormproof casement windows are always manufactuared from hardwood due to increased exposure to weathering both rain water and UV day light.





All our storm-proof casement windows are fitted with some of the best quality double glazing units, which offer high levels of performance. We have a wide range of glass and spacer bars, and all units are manufactured according to building regulations and their requirements. In order to achieve best performance, we recommend sound insulating triple glazing.

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glazing unit





Our complete stormproof casement windows are supplied and fitted with a standard range of window furniture, which are high in quality, durability and elegancy. Our standard finishes include brass, polished chrome and satin designs.


We install different hinge mechanisms (depending on personal preferences)

– Friction hinge – a basic concealed hinge, which is partly visible from the outside only

– Restrictor hinge – a standard hinge with a built in safety restrictor (which prevents the window from opening more than 15 degrees). The restrictor is released by pressing an additional release button will allow the window to open fully.

– egress hinge – allows the window to be opened to 90 degrees, this is beneficial and will add to the environment of your home with a refreshing feel. Also, this feature allows the sash to slide towards the centre, and makes it easier for someone to clean  the window for instance.

– But hinge – a traditional design

Multipoint locking system

This is a three point concealed locking system, which gives the best safety for your windows.

Trickle Vents can be fitted in either the head of the frame or head of the sash – details upon request.



Beadings and Glazing Bars.


Glazing bars and beadings are designed according to specific specifications and requirements. These can be chosen in a standard format if required. However, the most popular is the astrogal bar which can come in different widths. Timber beadings can come as a standard but can also be manufactured according to specific details, same can be said for the solid glazing bars.

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