Sash imitation windows.

The reason for our company created sash imitation windows is simple: It is not possible for a typical sliding sash window to be fitted with proper tight rubber seals, this in turn will not give a 100% air tightness and noise protection, a requirement for passive houses and energy efficient building. That is why Wood&Home comes with designs and ideas to satisfy our clients without changing sash views or the style of your property.


We have come up with few solutions that makes windows look like a sash that are properly sealed:

– fake sash windows

– mock sash windows

– sash look alike windows

– tilt-slide sash windows



Sash look alike

For this option we design windows with an ability to tilt and turn with the bottom  and upper sash staying fixed. This model has lots of advantages, perfect solution for passive houses and allows you to keep the original style of your property.




Fake sash windows

It is the simplest and a very straight forward solution for sash imitation windows. The upper section of window has a thicker framing from outside view only, creating a sash illusion. Internally, the window is opened as a tilt and turn design. These window sashes can also be fitted with or without horns.


fake sash timber windows


Mock sash windows

Mock sash is also an attractive alternative towards the more traditional vertical sliding sash window. The top hung casement provides ventilation and can also be locked in a night ventilation position. The lower sash is usually fixed.




Tilt-slide sash

This type of window design has a high similiarity with regards to the original spring sliding sash, although it does operate as a tilt window. This design also allows for the exterior glass and framing to be easily cleaned and maintained.

mock window