Tilt and Turn Windows

Our wooden tilt and turn windows benefits from exceptional thermal performance and offer great control over the air flow allowed in your home. This tilt and turn function offers a secure and unique design which is ideal for both modern and traditional properties.

We adopted and designed this product to meet our quality standards and maximized its performance including  excellent weather-proofing and security features. We can specify the tilt and turn window as a traditional window, to tie in with the period features of your property.

We offer a wide range of options and can accommodate nearly any design allowing our clients to choose from different configurations, fittings, glazing units and a range of profiles.


Detailed drawing (PDF – TILT & TURN WINDOW)





Our tilt and turn windows can be made of high quality timber (approximate physical parameters are shown on the diagram).

PINE – it is a soft wood white or yellow, very light weight and straight grained,  the most popular timber that occurs in Europe,  it is not as dense as hardwood but resists swelling and shrinking extremely well

MERANTI – most popular hard wood used for external joinery that comes from Southeast Asia, relatively good outdoor durability ,  can be found in low-lying rain forests in low mountainous regions, offers best option for hardwood comparing cost effectiveness

OAK –  a hard wood that can be found in most countries of Europe occurring in dry, acidic soils , it has the best characteristic from all natural wood and giving the best durability

Sill / sill extensions for sash windows are always manufactuared  from hardwood due to increased exposure to weathering (both rain water and UV day light).




All our tilt and turn windows comes with high performance double glazing units acocring to building regulations requirements , WoodAndHome offers a wide range of glass and spacer bars. All units are manufactured to the highest standards……

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glazing for tilt and turn windows



casement hardware



To finish off our tilt and turn windows we supply and fit a standard range of window furniture, which is specially selected for being high quality, hard durability and elegant. Our standard finishes are brass, polished chrome or satin but we can also source different patterns and finishes on request.


We can install different hinge mechanisms:

  • friction hinge – basic concealed hinge (when the window is closed, it is not visible from the inside and is only partly visible from outside)
  • restrictor hinge – standard hinge with a built in safety restrictor which prevents the window from opening more than 15 degrees, until the restrictor is released by pressing a release button
  • egress hinge – allows the window to be opened to 90 degrees to maximize the opening for escape purposes and also allows the sash to slide towards the centre to make and accessed for cleaning purposes
  • but hinge – an old, exposed traditional design
  • ROTO NT Power Hinge – heavy duty hinge for windows up to 300kg with tilt&turn option

Multipoint locking system

Three point concealed locking system which gives the best safety to your windows.



Beadings and Glazing Bars.

Glazing bars and timber  beadings can be designed to clients specifications and requirement but also can be obtained as one of our standard fittings. The most popular is astrogal bar..

The height of glazing bars depends on the double glaze unit thickness. When standard 24mm double glazing unit is fitted beadings comes as standard 12mm thick. By increasing window thickness we can obtain dimensions that will allow us to achieve distinct mouldings according to preferences.

tilt and turn windows


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