Timber Spring Sash Windows.

The Balance Spiral/Spring sash window takes its roots from the original sash window but it’s designed to suit modern constructions. By using Spring/Spiral balances the sections of the frame can be slimmed giving the aesthetic appearance. It is ideal solution for properties where window reveals were constructed without cutout for concealed boxed of traditional sash windows.


Detailed drawing (PDF – SPRING SASH WINDOW)




The Caldwell range of spiral sash balances are designed for use in vertical sliding windows with a tilt-in-facility, together with serving hatches and counter screens. We use Caldwell pre -tensioned Torso & Ultralift balances for our spring sash windows.

For sash weights of 3kg to 50kg we recommend pre-tensioned Torso double sprung balances with very high reliability and excellent track record. Torso sash balances provide torque-free lift for over 50,000 cycles which is equivalent to over 100 years in normal use. Torso balances, which have 19mm PVC tubes, can be specified for traditional vertical sliding spring sash windows and tilt-in windows to offer 70% – 75% mechanical advantage.

Ultralift pre-tensioned balances are available for vertically sliding sashes weighing 6kg to 27kg. To provide the extra lift, Ultralift balances are double sprung, resulting in a 70% – 75% mechanical advantage. Ultralift balances that have 17mm diameter PVC tubes, can be specified for traditional vertical sliding spring sash windows and tilt-in windows.





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All our timber  spring sash windows are constructed from high quality timber such as:

PINE – a white / pale soft wood which is light weight and straight grained, it is the most popular wood that occurs in Europe, it is less dense than hardwood but resists shrinking and swelling extremely well

MERANTI – a hard wood that comes from Southeast Asia – low-lying rain forests in low mountainous regions , features with relatively good outdoor durability,  it offers best option for hardwood comparing cost effectiveness

OAK –  a hard wood that can be found in most countries of Europe, oak prefers dry areas rather than damp environments, having the best characteristic from all natural wood and giving the best durability



The construction of all our timber spring sash windows uses high performance double glazing units, which offers a very much wide range of glass patterns and spacer bars, our units are manufactured with high standards, we are very much committed to this.

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The Sash lifts (pulls) allows the sashes to be easily opened and closed in a vertical sense. We offer them in a range of standard finishes, the sash is specified as either a standard with a satin, chrome or brass finish sash eye.

Flich fastener (catch) – Acts as the security feature for the sash window – these come in different finishes and include that of: satin, chrome or brass.

Vent Lock / Sash restrictor (sash stops) – can replace flinch fasteners and offers better security for consumers, these also come available in different finishes.

Trickle Vents can be fitted in either the head of the sash or the frame – details available upon request.


Glazing bars, beadings and sash Horns.

Glazing bars and beadings are designed and based upon client specifications and project requirements. The most popular is astrogal bar which comes in different widths. Timber beadings comes as standard but can also be manufactured to specific details.

The height of glazing bars depends on the double glaze unit thickness. Likewise when a 24mm double glaze unit is fitted, we often have to install very thin bars (often of around 12mm in height) which in-turn reduces the thickness of glass and therefore we can achieve better mouldings.

Decorative sash horns inside sashes can be a standard moulding or can be designed to match original ones.


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